Monday, February 16, 2009

Shopping with Sales and Coupons Is Worth It!

Sometimes I have to remind myself how wonderful couponing is. I often hear friends/neighbors/strangers say that spending "so much time" looking for deals isn't worth it for the few cents saved. But I know without a doubt that it is worth it. Today's shopping trip is a good example. I came home with groceries and toiletries valued at $71, but I spent $0. Zip. Nothing. I never took my wallet out of my handbag. That certainly is worth it to me!

Here is a brief summary of how I did it:
I bought about $28 in groceries at Kroger. I used three coupons totaling $3, and I had $9 in store savings on sale items. That brought my total down to $16. Then the cashier reminded me that I had $25 on my Kroger card from transferring a prescription. It's like store credit. So I used part of it to cover the balance due on my groceries.

I also bought about $43 worth of toiletries at CVS. I had nine coupons totaling $20.50, $10 in Extracare bucks, and $11.50 in store savings on sale items. The remaining dollar I spent off my gift card from transferring a prescription, also like store credit.

And that is why my pantry looks like a grocery store!

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