Saturday, February 21, 2009

CVS Was Good

Two trips to CVS (different stores); both profitable:
Store 1
2 Colgate Advanced, $2.99, earn $2.99 ecb's ea, $1.50 Q and $1 Q
4 Herbal Essences, $2.99 ea, earn $1 ecb ea, $3/2 coupons
6 bottles Suave shampoo, $2 ea, earn 4 ecb's, coupons: free bottle, $2/3, $2/2
candy bar as filler 66 cents
also used $5/$30 coupon from the machine
total $30.60
coupon total: $19.50
spent 10 ecb's and $1.50 on gift card
earned 14 ecb's

Store 2
another Colgate, same as above with a $1 Q
2 Herbal Essences, $2.99 ea, earn $1 ecb, $3/2 Q (I reached my limit on ecb's)
1 Gillette shampoo $4.99, earn $3 ecb's, $2 Q
Gillette Fusion Gamer razor, $7.99, earn $4 ecb's, $4 Q
2 Neutrogena bar soaps, $2.99 ea, earn $10 ecb's on 2
CVS cotton balls, $1.99, earn $2 on 2, $1 Q (had already purchased 1, so I earned my ecb's this time)
also used a $3/2 hair care Q from the machine
total: $30
coupon total: $15
spent $16 ecb's and 60 cents on gift card
earned $23 ecb's


Lisa said...

Nice shopping trip. I love the name and subtitle of your blog. It reminds me of the book I am reading "Your Money or Your Life". Same type of philosophy. Check out the book club over at Simple Mom.

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I too did good at CVS but my store would not let me use the two bars of soap for the $10 back. Do some stores do things different?

A.D. said...

It doesn't matter what the cashier thinks. After your purchase, if you use your CVS card and if you've made the qualifying purchase, the ecb's will print at the end of your tape. It's all automated from their corporate office. Lots of us earned the $10 ecb's on the Neutrogena bar soap, so we know it was working properly in the system.