Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beware the Rabbit Invasion!

Soon after we planted our tomatoes and herbs earlier in the spring, we noticed a flood of rabbits in our yard, our neighbors' yards, and the nearby field. Where did they all come from? These critters feel they have free reign in our yard, and that we are such kind humans that we planted goodies just for them! Ha. 

My first line of defense was to raise up the pots of herbs on tall logs, stood on end. They can't stretch that far and the herbs are safe.

On Saturday we decided that we needed to protect the ripening tomatoes from not only the rabbits, but the squirrels and birds too. So we pounded long stakes into the ground and then staked down bird mesh all the way around and up and over the top. We created a little mesh room, with the tomatoes safe inside.
Stay tuned for updates on how successful we are.

Elsewhere in the yard:
Apparently, squash isn't exactly a favorite food for rabbits as they don't go near it.

 The raspberries have their own built-in defense with all the prickles.

And hydrangeas just because they are pretty!

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