Saturday, June 2, 2012

Digging Deeper

After getting all my fabrics sorted and stored in a much better way, I was inspired to look for more stuff to clean out. I found some boxes in the attic, put away in 2008 when we upended our house to have family move in with us. I figured it was time to bring these remaining boxes into the light of day. I found plenty of goodies to toss or pass on:
Old greeting cards
Old sewing patterns, but not "good" old
Beanie Babies
Several dolls
A cordless battery charger
A stack of printer ink cartridges for a printer that died before we used all the ink
Dried-up craft ink
A semi-broken calculator
Outdated P.O. forms 
A foot massager
Plastic(!) needlepoint canvas
Nursery decor

I even decided to let go of the fabric scraps from my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. Really now, it doesn't change my world to not own them anymore, and I haven't used them in a project in the past 33 years. Time to say goodbye.

After finishing the attic boxes, I hit the storage shelving in the garage. Wow. I really got into it and purged and organized for three days straight.
 Before, right side of garage. Not bad, but I want this wall to be empty.

 Before, left side of garage. Nicely shelved, but all these boxes need serious review
Out went:
Christmas decorations we don't use anymore
A camp chair 
Crafts projects that went awry
Dated Christmas ornaments
Dead food
Drafting equipment
Dried-up paint cans
Duplicate tools
Empty boxes and cartons
File cabinets
Grass seed
Hardware for things we no longer own
Ice cream maker can for a machine we never owned
Metal shelving
Particle board drawers that are falling apart
A single weight
4 sofa legs
Stinky shoes
Stuffed animals
And much more!
Left side, after moving all the shelves and power washing the floor. Freezer is moved into more convenient place.

Basically, I divided the garage in half. On the left side, I boxed and shelved all the things I believe we should continue to own. On the right side, I stacked cardboard cartons, filled with the rejects, on old shelving we no longer need. The two sides ended up being about equal in quantity.

 Re-org in process but not yet finished

 This stuff is going...

I hoped to be able to post a picture of the finished product, but we have so, so much to get rid of. I decided we will have another garage sale later this month, and then I can post a picture of our clean garage. Our goal is to get both cars parked inside.


NewKidontheBlogg said...

Great inspiration here.

When I organize, I say my little "rap" written from the viewpoint of a younger generation. Here it is exclusive to Make and Do:

Grandma and grandpa
Mom and Dad
Can we have this discussion
Without repercussion?
We know you might be busy
But some of your junk might be risky
And you are stuck
With the junk
In the trunk Bins, baskets and boxes galore
Mucho papers might ignite
A horrible eye sore.
Get it out and take a peak
We know this will take
More than just a week
No more shoulder pad
Move to a new fad
And all the clothes you had
Junk just makes us mad
The world is now digital
No more rigid you all
Slides no longer square and small
Slides on Power Point that’s all
Put your books on Kendal
Just make DVDs a rental
No more overhead projector
An Elmo we expect director
Old technology is all junk
Old technology smells like a skunk
Get you some spunk
Get rid of that junk
Get rid of that mail
Have a garage sale
To fund our education
So we can help the nation
Call yourself mature?
Saving stuff is not a cure
Want less to dust for sure?
Junk is like manure
All this clutter
Makes us sputter
But, if we can help you
Make the house brand new
Then all your clutter
Won’t make us sputter
Grandma and Grandpa
Mom and Dad
Can we have this discussion
Without repercussion?

bigsis said...

This is exactly what I need and want to do. Right now it's what I'm helping my neighbors do before their move. I'm inspired by your before and after.

Marj Swierenga said...

WOW! That is serious motivation! I'm impressed. You are going to love the extra space and 'free' feeling you gain.