Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest Craft Day 7

Today for our Pinterest Craft Day, we met in my dining room to make various button crafts. Each lady chose her fave button craft from our joint pinboard and brought all the supplies she needed for that craft.

Heather created a button flag on a chunk of 2x4. She had previously painted the board in chalkboard paint, but she didn't like it as a chalkboard, so she recycled it for her flag. So cute!

Greta cut a star from heavy cardboard and then painted it pale blue. She completely covered it in two layers of mother of pearl buttons. She can use it to decorate for July 4th, for a beach theme, or for Christmas. So versatile!

Adie cut a piece of cardboard to fit a black frame she already had. She covered the cardboard in a thin layer of batting, and then she covered that with linen fabric. She created a Christmas tree with buttons in shades of green. Merry Christmas!

Joyce didn't feel like digging through her boxes in storage to find her button stash, so she decoupaged a cigar box she found at the thrift store. She used pages from her book clock project as her decoupage paper. So thrifty and resourceful!

Ellen didn't want to do a button project, so she started painting a cute train on a canvas for her grandson. She is an excellent artist and she drew her own train. It is adorable!

Mary Jo brought her buttons to make a button bracelet, but she had to go rescue her daughter from car troubles as soon as she arrived. We hope she can stay and craft with us next time.

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