Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Online Scrapbooking

My much, much, much, much older sister* and I are having a skrapbooking party by email. We both have several years' worth of photos to put in albums, and the pull of many other activities to keep us from working on the project. After claiming a spot in our respective houses, we are keeping each other motivated and focused by email. We give daily reports of our progress and suggest "refreshments" to nibble on. (Parties have to have refreshments.)

I began my project with 80 envelopes of photos to be scrapbooked, plus all the photos from daughter's wedding. My progress has been slowed by family celebrations, and, today, by running out of adhesive on page four. But I will not let these setbacks prevent me from accomplishing my mission. My sister, on the other hand, has already finished three albums!

Awaiting an adhesive refill, vacation 2005 is ready to glue.

*That's a longstanding family joke. She's only two years older than me.