Sunday, February 3, 2008

Refurbished Doll Wardrobe

Months ago I bought a wood doll wardrobe at an antique mall, from a dealer who was closing shop. It was made of that inexpensive type of wood that comes from overseas, perhaps from Indonesia. Though cute, I never liked it's brownness. So I set out to refurbish it. First I primed it, and primed it, and then primed it again. It turns out that the original finish turns bright pink and bleeds through primer.

Priming accomplished, I painted the entire piece white, then I decoupaged a spray of flowers on each door. After a few coats of urethane, I wallpapered the interior using a tiny bit of my thrifted roll of wallpaper. I had quite a challenge to fit it around the rod support, but I eventually wised up and measured and cut a template first.
When all was dry, I tried to reinstall the four tiny hinges on the doors. But I had stripped the screws when I removed them and I cannot get them back in. I have been to several hardware stores to buy new screws, but nobody has such tiny, and short, ones. So my next project is to visit every hardware store in the metro area until I find those screws!

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Julie said...

That turned out lovely. How will you use it? I have an issue with not priming enough -- and that is why the two cupboards in our main living area are all scratched up. I've learned my lesson -- it's all in the prep-work!