Friday, February 22, 2008

Pinching Mr. Lincoln

Partly for my own records, partly for fun, I'm recording my penny-pinching ways of the week.


I had a $10 ecb expiring, but I didn't see much in the ad to earn ecb's. We are very well stocked with personal care items and paper goods, but we're needing replacement heads for our electric toothbrushes. By buying the CVS brand, as well as 2 boxes of the disposable mop pads on sale BOGO, I got my total over $20, and thus could use two $2.50/$10 coupons, and then my expiring $10 ecb. I also threw in one Colgate, used a $1 coupon and earned 2 ecb's, making the toothpaste free. My OOP was $4.28. Not great, but a pretty good way to get those $16 toothbrush replacement heads.

Rite Aid
I did well here; total $3.30 including tax:
Two Colgate, on sale 97 cents, $1 coupon on each, earned 3 cents on each.
Two Arrid XX deo, on sale 97 cents, 55 cent coupon on each, cost 42 cents each (for charity).
Electrasol dw detergent, on sale $2.50, 35 cent coupon and $1.50 rebate, cost 64 cents. (Just as I'm running out.)

Fun times at the register! Three employees worked on my order, very kindly, and they eventually got it worked out to be what it was supposed to be. My total was $5.67 including tax:
2 Lysol bowl cleaners after sale and coupons, 77 cents each
2 Ajax powder after sale, 40 cents each
Olives after sale, 99 cents
Jane mascara $1 and eyeliner 99 cents, after BOGO sale and coupon. This was the problem causer. The register wouldn't recognize the coupon after taking off the BOGO sale. It's a good thing I'm fully supplied on make up now; I hope I won't have to buy any more for about 10 years!
In the grocery stores, I didn't find quite the bargains that I found previous weeks, but I still did ok. Besides these items listed, I bought fresh produce, meat, pasta, margarine, and shortening.

Publixmystery coupon item: Publix 2-liter soda 1 cent
3 boxes Birds Eye frozen vegs, 44 cents each
4 bags Birds Eye frozen vegs, $1 each
McCormick pepper mill, 50 cents
Welchs grape juice, $1.50
Lysol tub/tile cleaner, rain check and coup, 84 cents

2 Electrasol dw detergent, $1.85 each
2 Sargento grated cheese, $1.19 each
Hormel pepperoni 8 oz, $1.19
sour cream, 67 cents
1 gal milk, $3.48
10 lb ground beef, $9.90
sandwich rolls on clearance, 35 cents

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