Sunday, April 20, 2008

Garage Sale Lace

I found two pretty lace doilies at a garage sale yesterday. I think they are hand-crocheted; but even if they are not, I still really like them. Their only problem was they were badly stained. I dumped them in a tub of hot water and Biz for a good long soak overnight. This morning they were better, but still stained. So I tried out a trick I once read about: spread them on the dewy grass first thing in the morning and leave them in the sun all day. I brought them in just now, and I am very pleased to tell you it worked! One is now snowy white, not a trace of stain remains. The other started out much worse, and I still see a line of pale beige stain. That's really quite amazing since it was a deep brown stain yesterday. I will try the sun bleaching again tomorrow to see if it comes out completely.A round white one...
and an oblong ecru one. See the trace of stains remaining in the center?

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Julie said...

Those are amazing finds. I like using the sun to bleach. I have to put my porch chairs out for a few days in spring since I made the seats from off-white cotton which has a tendency to get mold and the sun cleans it up better than I ever thought it would.