Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the Studio

My sister and I were having an online scrapping party for about the last month. She has done an amazing amount in that time, while I did just a few months of pages. Now I have to "close shop" on scrapbooking because I ran out of blank pages and new ones don't quite fit in the budget yet. So I cleaned up the studio and moved on to a few sewing projects.

Scraps and tools everywhere!

Between sewing projects. I just finished a skirt, and another is almost ready to hem. They are both hanging on pegs to the right, just out of the photo.

Fabrics I hope to sew into clothes very soon. They aren't all named yet, but I really need springy shirts.

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Anonymous said...

So I've done an amazing amount. . .but you didn't share how far bewhind I really am.
Big sis