Monday, April 21, 2008

Love Those Orange and Yellow Stickers

I love these stickers at Kroger! Last week I found:a tray of 12 HUGE croissants: $2.50
4 loaves of bread: 39 cents-79 cents
dip: $1.79 minus $1 coupon
1 qt. cottage cheese: $1.39
sour cream: 59 cents
feta cheese: $1.79
8 cartons of 6 eggs: 59 cents each
shredded cabbage: 69 cents
stew beef: $2.09/lb

This week I found:
5-pk bagels: 49 cents
4-pk chocolate croissants: $1.79
sour cream: 99 cents (except I don't need any)

I have learned to grab my cart and wheel around the perimeter of the store first, stopping in the strategic areas where these stickers are most likely to be lurking. I'm especially successful in the bakery, produce, and dairy departments. I've found deals in the deli, frozen foods, meats, and packaged items too, but much less often.


Heather said...

I found about-to-expire dollar-off markdown stickers on milk at a grocery store I rarely go to!! I bought 4 gallons for $12, which after seeing your milk deal, isn't so impressive anymore, but I was excited. I am going to try freezing two of the gallons after removing a little milk to allow for expansion.

A.D. said...

Hey, $3 a gallon for milk is impressive in my book! I take any bargains I can get. Freezing some is an excellent idea; I just don't have any room in my freezer.