Thursday, March 13, 2008

Adding to My Collection

I found a cute dish at the thrift store yesterday to add to my collection of children's dishes. This is a type used years ago to keep a child's meal warm. Mom added warm water inside, through one of the holes in the rim.

I can't imagine that the dish is very practical. At any moment a toddler may fling his dish from his high chair tray, smashing the ceramic dish and sending food bits flying across the kitchen. And hot water? Certainly today the child welfare crew would be in the house in an instant, demanding to inspect such a child head to toe. But the dish is still cute. More than $1.48 worth of cute.

May 2008: I spied a child's bowl very similar to this at an antique shop. It was not nearly as nice; the picture was badly worn, and it was priced at $30. A note said from the 1940's. I am very pleased with my find!

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Julie said...

My mom collected children's dishes for the longest time. You got a great deal!