Monday, March 10, 2008

Hats Off to Kroger!

I just returned home from Kroger, where I bought all of the pictured groceries. I spent just $14.91 on all this stuff!! How did I do it? Coupons and clearances. It also helped that they honored their price guarantee on the one item that rang up full price even though it was on sale. So:
Braeburn apples (my favorite!) 99 cents lb
1 lb cheese $3.29
10 lb chicken quarters $4.90
strawberries $1.88
bread 99 cents
2 Hunt's tomatoes 79 cents ea, 35 cent coupon on two, doubled (net 44 cents ea)
And now the good stuff:
Colgate 99 cents ea, $1 coupon on ea
4 boxes Honey Bunches of Oats on sale $1.99, $2 coupon on each (for charity)
3 cartons sour cream 59 cents ea
1 gallon milk $1.50
3 six-packs yogurt cups $1.29 ea, $1 coupon on ea (net 29 cents ea)
2 bottles vitamins BOGO, brought them down to about $3 ea, $3 coupon on ea
One bottle of vitamins rang up full price, so Customer Service refunded me the full price on it even though I had already used my $3 coupon.
I also had a $4/$40 coupon from the entertainment book, which I of course used first.

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