Friday, March 21, 2008

Weekly Money Savers

This week my best deals were:
3 32-oz bags frozen chicken breasts, $2.99 each, earned $3 Catalina coup at register
Jimmy Dean sausage chubs, $1.34 each after sale and coups
Reddi-Wip cream, $1.45 after sale and coup
Daisy sour cream, free after markdown and coup
8 oz Dole canned pineapple, 25 cents each after coup
2 boxes frozen vegs, 50 cents each after sale and coup
cored fresh pineapple, $2.99
16 oz bag salad greens, 89 cents after markdown and coup
Colgate toothpaste, 24 cents after sale and coup (charity)

Land o Lakes butter, $1.45 after sale and coup
Can't Believe Butter, 10 cents after sale and coup
4 boxes Birds Eye froz vegs, 50 cents ea after sale and coups
cabbage, 25 cents per lb
fresh strawberries, $1.67 per lb
Campbells cream soups, 48 cents ea after sale and coups
Uncle Bens Wild Rice, 15 cents after sale and coup

Listerine mouthwash
2 cans shaving cream
2 bags jelly beans
2 bags mm's (I use as substitute for choc chips in cookies)
OOP 54 cents
earned $9 ecb's


4 8-oz bags grated cheese
10 lb sugar
3 rolls paper towels
1 can spray starch
OOP 37 cents

Dollar General
wedding card, 50 cents

Girl Scouts
Our neighbor gave us two boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I don't know why he gives us food; maybe because he thinks our kids are too skinny?

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Sonshine said...

We love M&Ms in our cookies too! I make these one type of cookies that my kids call "monster cookies" because I use 1 cup M&Ms, 2 cups chocolate chips and 1 cup white chips in a double batch of cookie dough(just use a reg. chocolate chip cookie dough). Then I use my 2 tbsp. Pampered Chef scoop so when they are cooked they are big cookies! :)

Great job on your deals!