Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today was a good day for "yachting". No, we did not go on a cruise in the bay or on the lake: "yachting" is the Professor's euphemism for garage saling! Saling=sailing=yachting. His definition.

Anyway, while the guys were looking at replacement cars, I went "yachting" in one of those fancy neighborhoods. It's a huge subdivision, all brick and professional landscaping and a fancy club house with acres of tennis courts and slender brown bodies whacking balls at high speed. The kind of place where a committee decides it's time to have the annual neighborhood garage sale and they pay to have professional signs made. The place people like me just shop in, not live in. But that's fine with me; I sure would hate to have to vacuum a house like that!

I stopped at dozens of garage sales, I think, and all I bought was a children's book. I was looking for: a lawn mower, a portable crib (not really wanting a Pack and Play thing), dark green Creative Memories albums, a rice cooker, and a little car was even a possibility! There's my shopping list for the season.

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