Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sheet Transformation

The ladies' group at church had their annual Souper Supper last night. This year I volunteered to host a table, providing all the plates, bowls, silverware, table linens, and centerpiece for a table for eight. I decided to use my china since ladies usually appreciate it. My china is as old as our marriage, meaning it is looking a little dated compared to 20-somethings' tableware. But I still like it. It has a tiny daisy border in faint greens and yellows, as well as a silver rim. With that in mind, I created a centerpiece of multiple clear glass vases on a wrought iron tray, filled with yellow daisies and greens. The one part that stumped me, momentarily, was a tablecloth. The round tables at church are more than six feet in diameter; who owns a tablecloth that large? Not me! I don't like plastic tablecloths (cloth is the key word here). Maybe a sheet? A large sheet?

Off to the thrift store I went, with tape measure in hand. A king size flat sheet should be just about right. The very few sheets on the rack surprised me, but I found a creamy white one with a woven-in stripe. I cut a circle as large as I could, hemmed it, pressed it, and we were good to go.Here I have scribed a quarter circle on the folded sheet. It's very easy to do using a tape measure and pencil.

I would love to show you a picture of my completed table, but I forgot my camera. Sorry!

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