Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bathroom Ceiling, Part II

Once I finished patching and priming the bathroom ceiling, I realized it would make my painting job much, much easier if the ceiling color matched the wall color. No edging, no repainting over the slips and oops, no wobbles. Ahhh, painting is easy under such circumstances. Oh silly me. Whatever was I thinking?

If I paint all the walls too, that means buying a gallon of new paint. So I'll have to look at paint samples. And choose one. Is it too pink? Too green? Too gray? Too dark? Does it look more like white than a color?
And then I will have to strip the wallpaper border from the walls. Of course, if I pull, the adhesive will stick tight and the border will rip. And then I will need to scrape the paper remains off with my thumb nail. And it will turn into a multi-hour chore.
And after stripping, I must patch the dings and bubbles of paint. And sand. And wipe off all the dust. And then I can't forget to take down all the wall items, and the outlet covers, and the light switch plate, and tape off the baseboards, and the shower door edging, and the vanity and door.

So, now can we paint? The kids really want their shower back.

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