Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekly Groceries

We began this week with a stuffed-full pantry, but empty refrigerator. We have no fresh fruits and veggies except onions and a few carrots. And 10 lb of potatoes. We are out of cheese, milk, margarine, and bread. We have some meats in the freezer, and a door full of frozen veggies. So what am I buying at the grocery store this week?

At Publix (Publix doubles coupons up to 50 cents):

whatever the mystery coupon item is
Kraft dressing, BOGO, $1.50/3 coupon, net 85 cents ea
ground beef, $1.99/lb, 2 pkgs
Oscar Mayer franks, BOGO, 50 cent coups, net 85 cents ea
FiberOne cereal, $2, $1 coupon, net $1 (charity item)
Luigi's Italian Ice, BOGO, 75cents/2 coupon, net $1.22 ea
1 Cool Whip, BOGO, net 89 cents
McCormick pepper grinder, BOGO, 75 cent coupon, net 25 cents
Planters Peanuts, BOGO, $3 coupon, net 29 cents for 2 cans
French's mustard, $1.19, 30 cent coupon, net 49 cents
peaches 89 cents/lb, about 6 lbs
watermelon $3.99
cherries $3.49/lb, about 2 lb
red grapes $1.69/lb, about 2 lb
mango, $1

At Kroger (they also double coupons up to 50 cents):
bread if I find any on clearance
chicken breast, 99 cents/lb
Breyers ice cream, $2.27
yellow squash, 99 cents/lb
vitamins?, BOGO, $3 coupons

romaine lettuce, 6 heads per pkg, less than $4
cheese, $6/2 lb

honey (don't know price)
corn syrup (don't know if they have it)
milk, about $2.75/gal
other cheeses
eggs, $1.27

If I can't find bread at a price that I think is reasonable, I will make some. Our tomatoes are almost ready to harvest, but in the meantime our neighbors have been keeping us well supplied with them, as well as cucumbers and hot peppers. We were even given a bag of homegrown blueberries! I will make granola, pizza, and muffins this week. To use up stray cooked vegetables, I already made vegetable-cheese soup.

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getnstartd said...

I love your blog! I can't wait to see you at church. We just started couponing with coupon mom and I have so many questions. Maybe you already know all the answers. For instance, how does the extra buck fit into budget shopping at CVS? Are you spending money to make money? And does Publix charge for the first item when you BOGO or do you have to buy both? Also how do you get more than one copy of the coupons? So many questions so little time.

Christi Rhyne