Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just One Dollar

All this cost me only $1! Yep. Just one.

Here's the deal I did at Walgreens: the 6 bottles of Olay are part of the Register Rewards deal in this week's ad, spend $10, get $3 RR or spend $20 get $7 RR. The Olay is on sale for 3/$10. I bought six for $20, then I had six coupons, expiring on July 31, for $2 off and $1.50 off. My total came to $10 and I got a $7 RR, so the net is $3. The Pert is an August "free after rebate" deal in the new rebate book. $3.79 minus a $2 coupon, minus the full rebate, means I make $2 on it. The $3 cost of the Olay minus the $2 earned on the Pert comes to $1.

I will definitely be donating the Olay Ribbons and the Pert to charity; the other body washes may go to charity too.

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