Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lovin' Kroger

I hit the jackpot at Kroger this afternoon. I found almost everything on my list with clearance stickers on them. The only item I paid full price for was the frozen broccoli. The ice cream, yogurt, and peaches were on sale (not clearance), and everything else you see here had clearance stickers, called "Manager's Special" stickers on them. Usually it's 50% off the regular price.The pyramid of ground beef is 15 one lb pkgs at $1.66 each
6 loaves wheat bread 50 cents each
2 bags angel hair coleslaw 89 cents each
half gal milk $1.29
Kaiser rolls 79 cents
3 boxes English muffins 50 cents each
Special treats for my family:
Camembert cheese $2.99
Crab and artichoke dip $1.49

2 half-gallons ice cream $1.99 each
peaches 99 cents per lb
plain yogurt $2.39

Full price:
frozen broccoli $1.29

When I went to check out, I didn't have the ice cream in my cart. My total was $46, and I wanted to use a %15 off coupon I had which was expiring on the 31st. But the register wouldn't take it. On closer inspection, we saw I had to purchase $50 minimum. So I added the two cartons of ice cream, got my total a few cents over $50, and got $7.42 off. Total spent: $43.06

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Heather said...

ooh, nice. I had a cashier and a lady in line behind me at Walmart astonished today when I got my $42 total down to $15 with coupons. :D I decided I should carry some business card sized cards around with the best coupon websites, and hand them out when people ask me "Where do you get all those coupons!?"