Friday, July 18, 2008

Project of the Week

This is not an exciting picture in the least, I know, but how exciting can a bathroom ceiling be? This was my Project Of The Week. The kids' bathroom ceiling has been growing mold for months and I can't seem to kill it. The old paint was a flat finish, not friendly to the scrubbings needed to control mold. Parts of it were worn away and flaking so I decided to start over on it.

I bleached the mold, scraped the old paint off, sanded the snags, filled the gazillion holes I accidentally gouged in the drywall, sanded it all smooth again, patched again where needed, sanded again, then finally primed. And then I cleaned up the whole dusty mess. It still needs a coat or two of semi gloss before the kids can move back in for showers. My neck and back are really complaining about their abuse today.

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