Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CVS Today

I didn't think that I would find much at CVS this week; their ad was very sparse. But I had some extracare bucks expiring, and I can't let them go to waste. Of course not. So I browsed the ad verrrry carefully, wrote up some potential plans, matched coupons, and off I went. On foot. A 30 minute walk, each way, in the humidity. (Those last two sentences are for brownie points, hehe). Here's what I bought:
2 bottles Spa body wash, $5.29 each, earn $2 ecb's on each
2 Colgate, BOGO, $2.79 for 2
Goody's headache powder, $1.79
CVS shave gel, $1.99

Coupons I used:
(2) 75 cent Softsoap
$1 Colgate
75 cent Colgate
$1 CVS "spit-out machine" coupon for Colgate
CVS "spit-out machine" coupon for free Goody's 4 or 6 count
$2 CVS skin care
$3/$15 purchase

I used $5 ecb's
I paid 88 cents OOP (but not really OOP because I'm still paying with rebate money)
I earned $4 ecb's

Now that I have a good stash of body washes, I will donate my bottles of Olay Ribbons to charity. I do not like that stuff. It's too greasy and it stains my washcloths.

I also pointed out to the cashier that the shelf price for the Spa body wash was $5.29, but the sale tag (pre-printed at the direction of their corporate offices) said "Sale! $5.49". A sale for more than the regular price? Huh? Somebody isn't proof-reading very carefully. For shame. But happily, it rang up at the shelf price.

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