Monday, January 21, 2008

82 Cents at CVS

After two days sick in bed, I got up to go do my CV thing today. And I did well. I spent 82 cents for $43.24 in goods. My main concern was figuring out how to spend a $12 xbuck I had. This seemed like the right week to go for it because some good CVS brand products are BOGO. Here is what I bought:
The 4 boxes of mopping pads were BOGO. I earned xbucks on the deodorant ($3.99), the cotton puffs ($1), Cottonelle wet wipes ($3), and the CVS trash bags twin pack ($2). I had mfr coupons for the Soy Joy (free bar) and the two Reeces Whipped (BOGO). I had a $1 CRT on the deodorant. I stacked multiple CVS coupons also. In the end I had to add filler, so I kept adding the ravioli until I had enough on the register to use my $12 xbuck. Canned ravioli isn't something I usually buy, but daughter can take them to work for dinner when she can't find anything interesting in our refrigerator, and it's only $1 a can this week. So, I spent a $12 xbuck, 82 cents cash, and earned $10 in xbucks.

At Walgreen's, I especially wanted to get the .99 grated cheese because the price is just unbelievable. I did find some, and I also found some clearanced conditioners. I got two Vive Pros for $1.29 each, and had a $1 coupon on each. That's a net of 29 cents each. The Sunsilk was $1.12, with a $1.50 coupon. So I earned $ on that. Overall, I spent only 20 cents on the three bottles of conditioner; $6 for my entire cart.
The Professor shakes his head in disbelief when he goes shopping with me, but he also sees how much time it takes me to clip coupons, file them, pour over the ads, write my lists, and figure out the best deals. He tells me every week how much he appreciates what I do to save us money. And I think it's a fun game!


Heather said...

Tomorrow and Friday I'm going to start making the rounds to collect rainchecks on the cheese. I found only 2 packages at my Walgreens on SUNDAY, the first day of the sale!! I think there's pretty much no chance any other store has more. With the rate we go through cheese, this will save us a lot of money.

Michele said...

Fantastic job! I did manage to get two packages of cheese and then had to take a rain check for more. Our store was out.