Wednesday, January 9, 2008

On a CVS Roll

This week, two copies of our Sunday paper were bundled together for 50 cents extra. So I got double the coupon inserts (12 instead of 6), plus we had two freebie papers thrown on our driveway last Thursday. One had two coupon inserts, the other had one insert. That makes 15 coupon inserts in one week! So, I was on a roll with the CVS deals this week, using the coupons from all the papers.
Monday's shopping at CVS #1 is posted the next post below.

Wednesday morning shopping
I went to CVS #2, and bought:
1 box Celestial Seasonings gingerbread tea on 90% clearance, 29 cents
11 Soyjoy bars, $1 ea, coupon for $3/10 bars and a "get a free bar" coupon, earned 12 xbucks (I had "credit" for the other bar purchase from Monday. The CVS computer keeps track of this info.)
2 Mennen deo, $1.99 ea, BOGO coupon, made them $1 ea
2 L'Oreal lipsticks, 75% off (couldn't get the BOGO on top of that), made them $2.25 ea, had a $2 coup on ea, brought them down to 25 cents ea
CVS coupons used: $4/$20, $3/$15 and 2 xbucks for a total OOP of 84 cents
I earned 12 xbucks

Wednesday afternoon shopping
I went to CVS #3 to find some of the things that store #2 didn't have, such as more Soyjoy bars. Here I found:
10 Soyjoy bars, $1 each, coupon for $3/10 bars, earned 8 xbucks
2 Mennen deo, $1.99 ea, BOGO coupon, made them $1 ea
1 Colgate, $2.99, .75 coupon, earned 2 xbucks
Used $5/$15 coupon and 5 xbucks for a total OOP of 43 cents
I earned 10 xbucks

That's a lota Soyjoy bars! College daughter likes them for class days when she has no lunch break.

At Kroger I found a lot of clearanced dairy products. Sour cream, cottage cheese, and pie crusts were 49 cents each; 4-pack yogurts were 99 cents, and single yogurts were 25 cents. I think all these items were near their expiration date, so they needed to move them quickly. I don't have to worry much about expiration dates around here with two teens in the house! I'm in the habit now of trolling the aisles of stores that have decent clearance prices any time I have extra time to shop. Kroger and Walgreen's are especially good for clearance items.

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Heather said...

I found out the other day that the CVS stores here will never have clearance as low as 90% - the district manager will not allow the stores to mark it down past 75%. Sad! But getting wrapping paper and my favorite flavor of kisses for 75 cents is nothing to complain about.