Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Painless Ways to Save $100

Crystal at Money Saving Mom asked for a list of Five Painless Ways We Saved $100 in 2007. Here is my list:
1) I started doing the CVS thing.
2) We ate out using our own dollars just twice during the year. Several more restaurant meals were gifts given to us, or, in one case, a prize won.
3) I saved lots of money on gas by piggybacking errands on other trips I had to make anyway (like college kids drop-off at school).
4) I line-dried about half of our laundry.
5) We borrowed DVD's from the library at no cost, instead of paying rental fees at the rental store.

It's hard to limit my list to just five, so here are more:
6) We trimmed our Christmas budget by about one third. I can't honestly say that it was totally painless, but it was necessary since prices have gone up on so many items, especially gasoline.
7) I cut everyone's hair but my own.
8) We grew some veggies this summer.
9) We don't have cable TV.
10) I cooked from scratch.

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