Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Coupon System

I just recently changed my coupon organizing system from a small accordion coupon file to a 3-ring binder with plastic baseball card holders. (Walmart. $1.44 per ten-pack.) I use one 9-pocket page for each category of coupon. I find it is very convenient to use in the stores when I prop it, opened, in the baby seat. I can quickly flip to a new page to see if I have a coupon for a product that catches my eye. No more leafing through a wad of loose coupons, while I try to keep the accordion from fanning out and emptying in a scatter on the floor. No more looking for a hard surface for note-scribbling; I carry one with me now. This system does have one drawback, though, as I discovered yesterday...

I must look too professional! As I walked down an aisle in Rite-Aid, the manager rounded the corner, then stopped and gave me an odd look. "Are you a very organized customer, or a vendor?" he asked. A vendor! How did he even have a thought that there was a possibility that I was a vendor? Vendors are professional people, wearing professional clothes that are color coordinated and stylish, and heels, and make up, and styled hair and brushed teeth; all those qualities which I definitely did not have at that moment. I had simply rolled out of bed, pulled on my sweats and a jacket, and taken my daughter to school. Rite-Aid was an afterthought. I was quite embarrassed about how I looked right then, bedhead and all. Oh well. It was funny.

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