Monday, January 7, 2008

CVS Gave Me This Stuff

I just returned home from the best bargain shopping I have ever done at CVS. Here is what I bought:
Two Aquapod waters, two Palmolive, two baby soap, one Fructis hair gel, four Reece's Whipped candy bars, two pkgs Rubbermaid containers, one Soyjoy bar. This totaled $21 and change. I stacked three CVS coupons: $4/$20, $3/$15, and $2/$10. I had $1 coupons on just about everything else, except the Soyjoy was free, and the Reece's were BOGO. I had two coupons for that. After all my coupons came off, my total, including tax, was $4.04. I "paid" with a $4 xbuck, and expected to pay 4 cents. But the cashier did something to the register and it said I owed nothing. Absolutely zero! FREE! Yeah! And I earned $9 xbucks. And my receipt says there is the xbucks offer on Soyjoy. So, with my two coupons for $3/$10 on Soyjoy, stacked with CVS $2/$10, I can get those free too. Next time.

I also picked up three ivy bushes at Michael's, 50% off. These bushes were regularly $2.99 each; I paid $4.50 plus tax for all of them, then stuffed them in this basket and curled their ends so they could have their portrait.

The paint is for some little furniture I'm refinishing; I used a 40% coupon and paid $2.99 for it.

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Heather said...

Oh, I'm jealous. Did you buy more than one paper? My paper didn't have the garnier or the reese's whips coupon, and my computer won't let me print any of the other coupons. That's ok, I probably need to go easy on cvs for awhile.